How to find people on twitter

Finding People on Twitter

When you want to find more people to follow it might be difficult if you don’t know the right places to look. It’s as easy as using the search bar or the ‘find people you know’ button.

The Search Bar

When you already know someone’s username on Twitter, it’s easy to find them in the search bar. The search bar is a text box on the top right corner of the main Twitter screen to the left of your profile photo.

1) Click on that box and type in the username that you’re looking for. A list of options should show up and then you can click on the correct name when you find it.


Find People You Know

1) Look to the right of your main Twitter page and you will see a heading called ‘who to follow.’ At the bottom of that box, you will see a blue highlighted button called ‘find people you know.’ Click on it.

who to follow

2) You will be redirected to a new page. The page is a tab in the settings. It will have the heading ‘find friends.’ You will be provided options for different e-mail services. Click on the blue button that says ‘search contacts’ next to the name of an e-mail service. This will allow you to find contacts that have a Twitter account.

find friends

3) A window will pop up and then you must sign into your e-mail account with the address and password. Type in the information and click ‘sign in.’

sign in

4) Next, make sure you allow Twitter to access your contacts by clicking ‘yes’ within the window at the bottom.


5) After a moment, your web browser will load a new page that shows you which contacts are on Twitter. Click on the follow button to the right of a user’s name and you’re good to go.

user name

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